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West40 Remote School Vision

The vision of the West40 Remote School is to create a safe and diverse learning environment where students feel loved, accepted, and encouraged to reach their full potential by attaining the skills to be emotionally and academically successful individuals.

West40 Remote School Program Overview

Online Socializing

Morning Advisory

Each morning, students engage in a check-in and connection session with their advocate and peer group, providing a safe start to their day. This session promotes self-regulation and includes activities such as daily planning, discussions on SEL topics, and addressing other subjects tailored to the specific needs of our students.


SEL Seminar

Placing a strong emphasis on the social and emotional well-being of our students, we ensure that each student devotes an entire daily block to engaging in immersive learning experiences that revolve around the Illinois SEL standards.

View ISBE's SEL standards here.

Online Class

Academic Classes

Every day, students engage in synchronous connections with their subject area teachers through Zoom, allowing them to build relationships and receive support similar to a traditional classroom setting. Through the Pearson Connexus learning platform, students actively participate in courses designed to cater to their unique educational needs.

Office Worker

Rolling Enrollment

Instead of waiting for the next academic semester to start fresh, our program offers continuous educational opportunities by allowing students to enroll at any time during the school year. Rolling enrollment provides the flexibility to accommodate our students' diverse needs and circumstances, helping students get back on track faster than traditional settings.

Online Teacher

Advocate Small Group

At the end of the school day, students come together once again with their advocate and peers. Studies indicate that experiencing social isolation in school can have detrimental effects on students' mental health, physical well-being, and academic performance. Therefore, during this time together, we prioritize the development of positive peer relationships to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

Student in Library

24/7 Access

Our students often have busy schedules filled with necessary appointments.  With the Pearson Connexus Platform, students can access their classes 24 hours a day from their Chromebooks or personal device.  No longer does a student have to get behind in class to visit a doctor!


Parent of Remote School Student

The advocates check-in on how my son is doing multiple times a day with “How are you doing? What’s going on? What do you need?”  That’s something I believe is lacking in the traditional school setting.  West40 is tailored to address my son’s mental health needs.

Parent of Remote School Student

 The teachers are wonderful.  They’re high-spirited and they love what they’re doing and it shows through their interactions with the students.  Being remote is hard, and the enthusiasm the teachers show makes my child excited to be in school.

Mother of a Remote School Student

The West 40 Remote program is an answer to our prayers. I have 2 daughters who entered into the Pandemic optimistic for their futures and lost that during the Pandemic. Positive outlooks were replaced with depression and despair. They felt like failures. West 40 Remote gave them that positive outlook back! They have hope for their futures again. I thank the teachers, support staff and the administration for all you have done to get this program where it is today. 


On a survey given to students at the end of the 1st quarter of school, West40 Remote School Students were asked, “Other than technology, what is one thing that you have improved about yourself since starting at the West40 Remote School this year?” 
Here are some responses:

  • “I have improved in talking more to people and being independent.”

  • “Speaking up for myself.”

  • “I’m more open to talk.  I am less shy and I share more.”

  • “I have learned that I can keep trying no matter what and I can do my best all the time.”

  • “I have more confidence in myself.”

  • “I found my happy place.”



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